Our lives are dedicated to Strawberries. They provide us with a great, sweet and aromatic flavours and travel from our fields to thousands of homes, so that families can enjoy their flavours and health benefits.

Lujovi has been committed to growing strawberries for more than 30 years. All berries are selected by hand and must meet our high quality standards of sweetness, size and colour. Growing strawberries to this high quality requires care, commitment and dedication.

When selecting our strawberries, we look for a symmetrical bright shine and a rich even red colour. We look for strawberries that are clean and dry with fresh green leaves. We avoid strawberries with shabby tips or white shoulders.

Our strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, folic acid, fibre, potassium and antioxidants. One serving of strawberries offers 85mg of vitamin C, or 140% of the recommended daily value. Research confirms that strawberries are an important part of a healthy diet. They can help to improve heart health, decrease the risk of developing some types of cancer and decrease the risk of developing certain diseases.