Sweet freshness


The Blueberries of Lujovi, comes from a species of shrubs called Vaccinium myrtillus.

These are produced in shrubs that usually reach a height between 1 and 1.50 meters. They are grown in greenhouses which are surrounded by pine trees and ferns.

Cranberries provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protects the health of the heart, as well as the health of the digestive system and brain.

Studies carried out at the University of Clemson and the United States Department of Agriculture described Cranberry as the food with the highest antioxidant benefits among 40 vegetables analysed with the ORAC method

Benefits of Cranberries are:

  • Helps to prevent brain degeneration.
  • Helps in the aid to stop urinary infections
  • Can stabilize hypertension
  • Helps to reduces triglycerides